January Intake - 2018
(June/July Exam Series )

All Modular programs are six (6) months long per module (divided into two trimesters, each 3 months long). Short Courses follow Trimester Schedule while KASNEB courses follow a four months Semester Schedule. Note that the college breaks for 1 week during Easter Holiday (March 30 - April 6th). 

09/01/2018: First Day of 1st Trimester
10/01/2018: Start of Orientation for New Students
15/01/2018: First Day of Classes for All students
19/01/2018: Last day for new students to change Program
22/01/2018: Start of Special Examinations for Previous Term
26/01/2018: Last day to withdraw with 50% Tuition Refund

02/02/2018: Special Exams grades due in Registrar's Office
12/02/2018: Last day to Enroll for July Examinations
16/02/2018: Last day to defer to Nov Examination Series
26/02/2018: Start of 1st Trimester Mid-Term Exams

29/03/2018: Last Day of 1st Trimester classes
30/03/2018: Good Friday - Start of Easter Break

09/04/2018: First Trimester Revision week
16/04/2018: Start of 1st Trimester Exams
23/04/2018: Start of 2nd Trimester
27/04/2018: Final Term grades due in Registrar's Office
30/04/2018: Start of Special examinations

01/05/2018: Labour Day - No classes
11/05/2018: Final Special Exam Grades due in Registrar's Office
25/05/2018: Final day of classes for KASNEB June Exam Series

01/06/2018: Madaraka Day - No Classes
04/06/2018: Start of 2nd Trimester Mid-term Exams
15/06/2018: 2nd Trimester Mid-term grades due in Registrar's Office
29/06/2018: Final CAT grades due to external examination bodies

13/07/2018: Final day of classes for KNEC July Exam Series
17/07/2018: Start of KNEC July Exam Series Revision

Upcoming Events

  • Jan 13th, 2018 - Extractive Sector Career Talk
  • Jan 27th, 2018 - Student-Athlete Day